My Support _ For You

I care about people. I understand how confusing life can be. I know how the little things can seem huge, and how difficult large decisions can be. I know because I have been there. I have read and studied. I have learned about leadership and coaching. I am a passionate autodidact on this life topic and field. I have meditated, spent time in retreat, and walked for days on pilgrimages. I have sat alone and cried. I have suffered in hospital. I have had false starts and missed new opportunities when I thought the way ahead was clear. You are not alone.

I have learned how to feel contented. I have succeeded in new surrounds. I have appreciated the embrace of a soulmate, and the special moments of family. I have rediscovered the joy of a hike in the mountains, the beauty of a sunrise, the freshness of an icy dip in the ocean, and the delight of simple moments like the aroma of a fresh cup of coffee. I have found immense value in slowing down, to make easier, how to see the way ahead.

I can support you in finding your way.