Your Needs

COVID-19 has affected us all to some degree. The sudden change – to our loved ones, our friends, our work colleagues, our work, and to our very wellbeing – has had an impact. I expect you may have had more time to think than ever before. This current period of uncertainty will likely remain and it is entirely normal to question the way forward, or to feel confused, anxious, and possibly unsure of how best to proceed proactively?

Perhaps you are:

  • In a personal transition – whether midlife–shift, divorce, grief, retirement, through loss, or deeply affected by COVID–19
  • Seeking new habits or behaviours, or to improve your relationships
  • Wishing to improve your worklife balance or to re-design the way you work 
  • A woman / man seeking your authentic voice, to empower you to live your best life 
  • A youth unsure of your immediate prospects and future
  • A leader, business owner, employee or fundraiser struggling to see the right way ahead for you

It is at times like these we need to give ourselves extra attention, and to focus on what really enables and serves us. It is natural to need and seek guidance and possibly better direction. We cannot always do this alone, even with the support from family and friends.

I am here to coach, enable and help you to find signal through the noise.