What Is Coaching?

Coaching helps you to achieve your potential. It looks to your future – unlike counselling and therapy that enable you to understand the events of your past – by exploring together what works best for you. Advice is not given – unless specifically asked for – as we use techniques for you to find the best future path for yourself.

I cannot tell you how long we will need. Every client starts from a different personal place, has different goals, and develops at different speeds. Clients stay for as long as the coaching relationship serves them. The joint aim is to reduce your dependency on me as soon as possible. Instead, you will develop the skills and learning to effectively deal with new situations as they arise.

We will discuss and agree the right programme for you. There will be techniques that I teach you. The aim is for you to develop the resources you need to integrate your self–leadership.

By now, you should not need me to convince you that you need a coach. The key to your success is to be curious and willing to commit to a successful future for yourself.

You will gain most by being open and trusting me in the SIGNAL process.